Seven Podcasts For Busy Moms

Image courtesy of UNITED ARCHIVES GMBH

Image courtesy of UNITED ARCHIVES GMBH

For busy moms, time is of the essence. Writer Katherine Oakes of Mother introduces us to seven podcasts worthy of your time.

We’ll be honest, the ability to keep up with current trends, events, and even the regular news can disappear into the everyday demands of being a parent. However, even if you have to give up on reading the morning paper or spending hours with a good book, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on getting a healthy helping of brain food altogether. As a mama, your best alternative is a podcast!

Podcasts are convenient, entertaining, and informative digital audio shows that are great for busy moms with little time to on their hands. The hardest part about jumping onboard the podcast train is choosing which one to listen to. So in order to make it a little easier on you, we handpicked seven great podcasts to listen to while in the car, as you cook, or even during a morning workout.

HBR Ideacast
A weekly podcast produced by the Harvard Business Review, which runs anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes long and features leading thinkers in business and entrepreneurism, and discusses innovative ideas in the workplace. It’s a finger-on-the-pulse kind of podcast that happens to have brilliant guests with surprisingly relatable and practical advice. Don’t be alarmed if you find yourself well-versed on the topics of human genomes and creative management…and like it.

Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me! 
As a mother, you might find yourself more informed on the newest schedule change of your kid’s favorite channel than you are on what happened during the latest presidential debates. So to avoid having to cram a month’s worth of current events into the only free hour you have during the day—nap time—sit back and enjoy a funny, entertaining, and informative podcast, instead. Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me! will give you all the news you need and a good belly laugh (or 5) to boot.

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